21 or not 21 is the Question

HISTORY as I witnessed on MWC Decision on the use of the 21lb Weight

Back when the decision was made to use the 21 for Masters Women ages 50 and above, I had the opportunity to ask a member of Scottish Masters Athletics International (SMAI) why the weight was being used for just for 50 and over age group.   The SMAI member stated that SMAI queried some of the top Master’s women at that time and a few objected to the weight being to light.  No further elaboration was given.

The member of SMAI was Kevin Rogers.  I want to make it clear to all that never was the topic of women’s records, women’s physiology, increasing talent of women throwers (making the determination of the appropriate weight difficult), or any other reason brought up.  The one and only one defense given was:  some top masters women they asked objected to the weight being to light.

NOTE 1: The same has been said by top men’s masters about the 42lb weight.

So when KR became the anointed one, his two defenses were: (A) I was the first AD that let women throw in the masters worlds, so I am credible; and (B) The oh so very special and cherished  records.

One question comes to mind: If KR believes the records are the most important and deciding factor, WHY WAS THAT NOT THE FIRST THING TO COME OUT OF HIS MOUTH WHEN ASKED PRIOR TO BECOMING THE ANOINTED ONE?

I will leave it to the reader to decide whether the records is just a bullshit argument.

As for me, I believe they factor into the discussion.  However, records are a convenient argument that allows the dismissing and/or minimizing issues that could not be easily refuted, by what appears from the outside as one persons decision. Items such as:

  1. Equitable treatment to the men’s side.
  2. At the majority of events, Master’s divisions (whether it be men’s or women’s) are rarely split by 5 year age increments.
    • For women, this makes it impossible for them to throw the SMAI dictated implement.  Either all participants would throw the 28lb or the 21lb  implement.
    • Thus, the 21lb implement is used at the majority of the masters women’s events for any and all ages.
  3. Top Masters in the 40-44 age group, whether they be men or women, have stated that the master’s heavy weight implement is to light.
  4. There are many more arguments but the decision has been made by the masses, both ADs and throwers, making SMAI choice completely and utterly inconsequential except for one day a year.

Here is a curious question: How does the throwing standards get determined for the 40-44 age group since many do not throw the 28lb?  Not my problem.

Some other facts to consider:

  1. SMAI keeps a set of records for throwers 40 and over for specific implements.  They also run the Masters World Championship using those specific implements.
  2. SMAI are not the only people who keep records for Masters.  Records for Masters who throw the 56lb weight are kept on www.highlandgames.net.
  3. SMAI is a sanctioning organization for the SMAI’s Masters World Championship; not for any other master’s competition.
  4. Petitioning SMAI for change in implement weights grants them power they do not have and should never have.  They sanction only 1 event, the MWC.
    Don’t appeal to them, do what is right.
  5. SOMEONE SHOULD START KEEPING TRACK OF RECORDS FOR the 21lb weight for distance and WOB for women age 40 to 44.  This legitimizes this weight and minimizes the record argument that SMAI is so fond of using.

It should be known that KR does not think much of me.  I do not think of KR at all, accept a few breif moments, such as resurecting this from an old web page.  What I have stated can either be dismissed as having an axe to grind or given creditibilty as I am willing to point out that there is friction; well at least on KR side.  As I said, I could care less what KR thinks, or what MWC does.  Here is an example of the silliness brought upon me by KR:


Also, QC games pulled our application to host MWC, twice.  The first time because the games management could not handle the situation.  The second time was due to the treatment of QC games by SMAI management.   The second decisions was the best decision made by the QC games.

back and side judging conflict

On a side note, if you every have to deal with a caber back judge who tries to humiliate you by questioning every one of your partial turn calls from the side judge position, here is prove that they are being an arse:

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