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Since there is no sanctioning body for Heavy Athletics, the recognition received by those who set World Records is fleeting (a line on a website and congratulatory posts on NASGA).  I felt a feat like breaking a World Record deserved something more permanent.  Thus, I decided to have a garden stone made to honor any World Record set at an event which I am an Athletics Director.

So far two covered World Records have fallen since the start of my “stoning” the record holders:

Katie Steingraeber ‘s 32’-1″ Sheaf Toss
Iowa Irish Fest
Waterloo, Iowa
August 4, 2012

Katies stone









Jeff Thornton’s WOB World Record Toss of 18′-3″
Lightweight National Championships
Celtic Festival and Highland Games of the Quad Cities
September 15, 2012

jeff02_4 copyIMG_0637[1]




Thanks to the support of Kris and Garry Knapp of AAA Awards and Embroidery in making this possible.  Kris and Garry are the promoters of the Central Iowa Celtic Festival and vend at many Midwest Scottish and Irish festivals under Celtic Tradition.  They have been a support of heavy athletics for many years; Good people.

Why No Stone For Master’s Records?  Initially, the idea was to have stones made only for Men’s and Women’s World Records thrown at events which I AD.  This was expanded to Lightweight Records when the Lightweight National Championship came to Quad-Cities Games.

I have debated whether to make stones for Master’s Records thrown at events I AD.  I decided that since Masters World Records have an existing organization that recognizes and keeps those records, it is up to that organization to honor those who break their records.  Doing anything else may provide the illusion that I am some how involved with that organization.

With that said, I did recognize Mark Howe’s breaking four Master’s Lightweight World Records (Braemar Stone, Open Stone, Heavy-weight and Light-weight for distance) at the Lightweight National Championship in 2012 by having a plate engraved and placed on the Thor Hammer prize for being the National Championship.

If you have a view on this issue, please let me know.

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