Special Highland Games

Administered by: Special Highland Games  By Lisa Marquez, Taylor Hurry, and Mark Mc Vey              ..

A program of: Celtic Cultures Alliance of the Quad Cities

Hosted by: Celtic Festival and Highland Games of the Quad Cities

Judge:  Mr. William Gast

Where: Centennial Park


Friday, September 15, 2017
Friday Evening Throwing details are being hammered out.  There will be a spot light on these athletes and we hope to have experienced athletes out there coaching and teaching the events!


Saturday, September 16, 2017
Saturday’s throwing:
Check in at 8:30
Throwing starts at 9:30


Contact: markjmcvey@yahoo.com  or Hurry.taylor@gmail.com or specialhighlandgames@gmail.com

To guarantee a t-shirt, please register by Sept 2nd (it would be nice if you paid to) as this will allow the printer to make the shirts and allow me to generate the paperwork and a smoother game day check in.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Whether all divisions will be run is determined by registration.  hopefully we will have enough to run the planned divisions:

Local Practice

Local practice in Centennial Park, Davenport will be on Wednesdays and Sundays


Event contested

  • Stones:
    • Braemar Stone (Heavier Stone from a standing position)
      • Men’s 14lb stone
      • Women’s 12lb stone
    • Open Stone (Lighter Stone with any form of shot put type of movement)
      • Men and women will both use the 8lb stone
  • Weights for Distance: Throwing a weight attached to a handle by a chain for distance
    • Men throw the 21lb implement
    • Women throw a 14lb implement
  • Hammer: A weight on the end of a PVC shaft thrown for distance
    • Men throw a 12lb hammer
    • Women throw an 9lb hammer
  • Caber: Flipping a pole end-over-end for accuracy
  • Weight-over-Bar: Tossing a weight/heavy ball over a ball for height

Throwing Rules

Videos are on the way!

Special shout out to Sport Kilt for sponsoring the Special Highland Games flight


Our loyal and wonderful Athletics sponsors:

Dan Dolan Homes


Clevenger Sheaf’s and Forks



Celtic Tradition

11121 Hickman Rd,
Urbandale, IA 50322

Embroidery, Awards, Kilts and accessories, …
Good people who run Central Iowa Highland Games (an Athletic Centered Festival)

Blue Cat Brew Pub


113 Eighteenth Street • Rock Island, Illinois

Home of awesome beer and food (Martha’s home made soups are to die for).  They have Scottish Eggs on their menu year – round!!!

Scottish Terrier Beer is again brewed in honor of the games.   Dan Cleaveland, thrower, co- owner, and Brew Master is again generous to the Athletes.  Please thank him on games day.

Home of Iowa Heavy Athletics