Scottish Days in Ste. Genevieve!


Scottish Days in Ste. Genevieve!

Hosted by The Darkroom Company and Sainte Genevieve Downtown Renewal Project

Scottish Heavy Event Competition on Saturday, April 7 and Sunday, April 8  
72 S Gabouri St, Ste Genevieve, MO 63670-1620

Help welcome Midwest’s newest AD, Franklin Brent Abbott (a.k.a. Mr. MWC or his friends call him Mr Gretchen Abbott) , relaunch this event.

Athletics Director: Franklin Brent (MWC) Abbott

Fee: $25 in advance.  $35 after cutoff date of 03/15/2018
Included in this fee is a T-shirt, and refreshments.
Snail mail registration sent to:
5 Berry Patch Ln,
Columbia, Il 62236

  • if registering late, T-shirts will be provided if available.
  • Refunds up to 30 days out (March 15) 
  • Divisions being contested: 
    • MASTERS WOMEN (21lb weight used in all divisions)
    • NOVICE Mixed Gender 
  • This is a new event, and some of the details are still being hammered,
  • The hope is all events will be contested, however, this IS NOT Finalized.  


Brent will be using a version of decathlon scoring for Masters.  Athletes Scores will be judged against their gender – 5 year age group records.   I will be doing this for masters division at all my games (Mark McVey).

For an event, the score earned in that event will be
100 x {Distance Thrown}/{Age Gender Record for the Event}
Thus, the event score is the percentage of the record thrown. 

Total Score will be sum of each event score divided by number of events.
Thus the total score is the average of the record set earned by the thrower.  Largest Value wins the division.

Caber scoring is being worked out.


Rules: This will be a clean games and disqualification can be expected for those that illegally use PEDs as this is considered unsportsmanlike conduct.   Standard Highland Games Rules will be followed. Midwest Rules (NASGA style) will be used.

Field will only allow three flights of throwers per day.  What Divisions will be contested and on which day is yet to be determined.

See Who Is Attending here

Saturday Divisions:  Men’s master, Women’s open, lightweight (u200)
Sunday Divisions: Men’s open, Women’s Master, mixed novice

Events: Tentatively All events are scheduled

Release from Liability (including local)

Read Carefully! When you submit the below registration, you are agreeing
to the following
release from liability 

I HEREBY, for myself and my heirs, release all rights/claims for damages or injuries I may have against Scottish Days in Ste. Genevieve! The Darkroom Company,  Sainte Genevieve Downtown Renewal Project, Brent Abbott, and any and all participating sponsors, supporters, referees, judges, field helpers, or any other authorized personnel as a result of my traveling to, participating in or traveling from this gathering.

I make this release and waiver of claim with full knowledge of the hazards and inherent risks associated with the above mentioned competition. I expressly assume the risk of injury and property damage/loss.

I agree to pay any attorney fees and litigation expenses incurred by any person, real or corporate, whom I may sue in an effort to challenge this release from liability. I understand that my agreement to pay attorney fees and litigation expense is sine qua non for the acceptance of my entry into this contest.

sine qua non  = indispensable and essential condition

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