Turn No Turn Caber

How The Event is Run


  • Each competitor will get three shots at the Qualifier stick, which will be scored.
  • Those who cannot turn the qualifier, do not get to attempt the next caber.
  • Those who cannot turn the qualifier are tied for last place and receives a no turn score.
  • Once the qualifier has been turned, the competitor does not have to take his/hers remaining attempts.

Choice of Qualifier: Ideally, the Qualifier will be a mid level caber for that class.  I Qualifier that all can turn is not a Qualifier, it is a stick that should be used for a lower division;  the stick is not doing its job of being a Qualifier.

Athletes should consider taking all attempts on the qualifying caber, because qualifying for the Competition (Second) Caber does not guarantee they will be scored on the competition caber.  In other words, their score on the qualifier will determine their ranking if they cannot turn the second caber (in essences, this is the side judging of the competition caber).

Competition Caber

Once a thrower turns the qualifier, he has earned the right to move onto the competition caber and is rewarded with three attempts on the Competition (Second) Caber.

Additional Cabers

This methodology can be expanded to additional cabers.  If the competitor turns the current caber, they qualify for the next caber, with each succesive caber getting harder.


CASE 1:  Cannot Turn the Qualifier
if the athlete cannot turn the qualifier, the athlete is tied for last and given a no turn score.

  • YES this is fair as that is what the qualifier does and has done in the past.
  • I am just scoring it for those who turn it, but fail to turn the next caber.
  • If you do not like this, find or build yourself a caber and start practicing

CASE 2: Turns the Qualifier but fails to turn the next size up (often the competition or Second) Caber
An athlete who turned the Qualifier Caber but not the Competition Caber will be ranked based on the turned scores of the Qualifier (first) caber.   They are placed below those who have turned the second caber but above those who could not turn the qualifier caber.

Case 3: Turned the Competition Caber
For those who turned the Competition (Second) Caber, they are ranked on the scores on that caber when this is the last caber used,  Otherwise this is the qualifier for the next size caber, and will only be ranked on the scores of this caber if they cannot turn the next caber.

The process repeats itself until the last caber is selected.

Whether the first caber’s scores will be used to break ties (just as a side judge’s partial turn calls would be used) is under review.

Cabers Inventory and Cabers I will suggest be used by division

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