QC Games Records

Records are updated including the 2016 games

Since the QC games has moved, the field records were all zeroed out.  I decided to just keep Game records.  In some ways records generate an ugly side to the games.  Overall national/world records are at best a bench mark since equipment and field conditions change from event to event (which is a very positive feature of Heavy Athletics).  The only true measure is how you place against your competition on that given day.  Anything else is really not comparable. Of records kept, field records made using the same equipment have the most meaning.

If you find that I have missed something, please let me know ~ Mark McVey

History of equipment used at QC Games:
WFD events have used Old Celt weights since records have been kept.  However, a 28lb Merl Lawless weight is used periodically.

Hammer events have used Merl Lawless Hammers until 2006, when they were replaced by Stronger Grip Hammers.  They have been replaced by hammers made by Mark McVey for 2009 and later games.

WOB events have used Old Celt weights until 2006, when Dennis Hunter or Old Celt weights have been used.  In 2008, Hunter weights were used exclusively.  Hunter weights are all steel bars, with triangle handles. The may not fly as high but are durable as hell and cheap!  These weights break easy on the hard ground and are being slowly replaced by locally made weights.  Anceint Athletics flower pot weight has made its appearance at this game more than once; many world records have fallen to that weight.

The same Women’s Open and Braemar Stones have been used since 2006 and before that mostly Ancient Athletic Stones have been used.

The same Men’s Open Stone have been used periodically over the last several years.  However, Ancient Athletic has been gracious enough to lend there awesome Stones to QC games now and then.

The sheaf bags until 2006 have been mostly Fowler bags, after that date Clevenger Sheaf Bags have been working into the rotation as Fowler Bags are now all gone.

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