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A’s  (8) {Judge Darryl Campbell, Jr}

Julian “Mr Solar” Vandervelde

Bryan “I’m Coming for Taylor” Funk

Taylor “Bring It” Hurry

Ross “Wildman” Bunchek

Ryan “TSA Likes Me” Wood      PAID

Tom “That was MY Stone Record” Sroka       PAID

Zach “What Am I Getting myself into” Wilson      PAID

Kendall “Corvette” Thomas


Masters Flight: 2 Divisions (12). {Judge Jason Clevenger}


Blake “Chef” Page   Paid

Daniel Verstat   Paid

Mark Jaros

Bill Brennan

Jason Clevenger    Paid

Scott “Stone Lifter” Fuller       PAID

Matt “Rumor has it” Stewart


Larry “I’m Going to Turn a Caber this Year” Readman   Paid

Rick Kramer, MWC   Paid

Brent Abbott, MWC   Paid

Thom Van Vleck

Tim Thoma

Women Flight: 2 Divisions (11) {Judge Jennifer Cain}

Women’s Open

Amanda Owens

Elissa Hapner

Alisha “I’m Not Under House Arrest” Braden

Janel Vegter

Women’s Masters

Sue Hallen, MWC

Ruth Welding, MWC

Teresa Merrick    Paid

Gretchen “The Better Half” Abbott  Paid

Jenny Buntemeyer  Paid

Rebecca “5k” Yoder  Paid

Kate Brown    Paid


B’s (8) {Judge: Aaron Conard}

Aaron Conard    PAID

Blake Lyon

Lee Engeswick

Cori Gualandi

Shane Marburger            PAID

Steve Ott

Devin Daniels

Alex “LHRHCCoB” Longlett

C’s/Novice (8) {Judge David and Jeri Stanford}

Jason Kyle

Jeramy Neal   PAID

Dan Cleaveland       PAID

Nate “I’m not from the QCA” Culbertson

Kurt Miner    PAID

Thomas “Its not worth getting Skinny” Drummond

Aaron Overstreet    PAID

Terry “First time with 56” Nelson

Lightweights (u200) (7) {Judge Sean Braden}

Zach Christensen

Jason Countryman

Chris Nickell     PAID

Greg “Black Smith Hammer” Johnson

Austin Rhodes

Benjamin Franke

Jake Kingery     PAID

Tim McCloud

Special Highland Games {Judge William Gast}

two flights and 25 athletes !!!!!


Note 1: age groups next to masters are for my documentation purposes. Please do not assume that I will be running those groups.

Note 2: All the nicknames are the first thing that comes into my head… so if your a shrink, try figuring out what my problem… good luck (Hint: I am an AD)

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