Best Couple Throwing

QC Games has in the past presented a price for the couple that has the best combined throwing performance on the field.  Currently the prize honors Martin Lockheart and is sponsored by Lisa Lockheart, one of the original committee members of the Quad Cities Games.  Martin, who passed away at 53 just prior to QC games in 2013, was a big fan of the games.

2014 Winner: Luke Crowley and Katie Luke and KatieSteingraeber 




If this becomes a regular feature of the games, rules are being considered that may not allow consecutive year winners.  This is still under discussion.



Many methods can be used to compare throwers of different divisions.  I choose to base this award on the performance against the thrower’s peers on that particular day.

The measure, called the Standardized Score, will be:
points earned by a thrower divided by the total possible points given out for that division.

Essentially, this is the percentage of total points given out, the smaller the percentage, the better the performance.

The sum of the Standard Score for the couple is the couples score for this prize.
Total Points in the division is  E*N*(N+1)/2

E = Number of events
N = Number of throwers

Math Geek Note: N*(N-1)/2 = is the sum of the numbers from 1 to N.   So if N = 6, 1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21 = 6*(6+1)/2 — 21 points are given out for each event.

Example: For a couple, the first athlete earns 28 points in his 5 person flight and generates a standardize score of 20.47% (=28/135) while the other earns 28 points in an 11 person flight generating a standardized score of 4.71%  (= 28/594).  The standardize score earned by the couple is 25.45%

Math Geek view of Strength and weakness of the Couple Prize Scoring:

This example shows what some may perceive as a shortcoming to the standardized score. The number of people in the flight effect the standardized score.  In this case, both throwers earned 28 points but one standardized score is 20.47% and the other is 4.71%.  As a defense, the smaller percentage reflects the larger number of competitors who could have beaten the thrower in each event.

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