QC Games

Celtic Festival and Highland Games of the Quad Cities

Centennial Park

September 16, 2017
(third Saturday in September)
Check in at 8:30
Throwing starts at 9:30

QC Games Registration      Who Is Coming


Registration fee is $30 mailed to:

Celtic Festival & Highland Games

  PO Box 6014

Rock Island, IL 61204

$31 by paypal

To guarantee a t-shirt, please register by Sept 2nd (it would be nice if you paid to) as this will allow the printer to make the shirts and allow me to generate the paperwork and a smoother game day check in.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Whether all divisions will be run is determined by registration.  hopefully we will have enough to run the planned divisions:

The Festival On the web



AD’s Email

Mark McVey and Pat Stoudt are part of the Athletics team — you need a team to do this job!

Local Practice

I have been running a local practice in Centennial Park, Davenport starting at 6:00 pm on Tuesdays.

PERKS of registration

  • Dan Cleaveland, thrower (he is the ONLY person to have thrown in all of QC games) and  HiResScotchTerrierowner / brewmaster of BlueCat Brew Pub, will hopefully again graciously trade a 1/2 barrel of Scottish Terrier Scottish Ale for his registration so that the athletes have some refreshments when it is all said and done.
    Blue Cat Brew Pub Webpage
    Blue Cat Brew Pub on Facebook
  • Marge Gast of NuLooks Day spa will be back again this year to provide massage therapy for the athletes.
  • Dr Jennifer Levan has left town and will be missed.  However, she made a surprise trip back from the Milwaukee area (Chiropractic Partners) to providing excellent Chiropractic care of the athletes.  I hope the same is true this year.

Games Records


Prizes have not yet been determined for 2017.   Prizes sponsored by Celtic Tradition   — They are awesome vendors of Celtic Festivals and long time supporters of QC games.  If you need something on our games day (and most Midwest games), stop by their tent.


If all possible, we will run A, B, C,  Masters, Lightweights (U200), Women, and Women Masters divisions.  IF needed, we will split the A’s into Super As and As; Masters into at least two age grouping; and Women into As and Bs.  No promises as this depends on numbers.

This is a nine event contest

  • Both Stones: (8.25 & 12.5 lb for women, 16.25 & 22.5 lbs for men).
  • Both Weights for Distance:  56, 42, 28, and 14 are Old Celt weights.  There is also a Merl Lawless 28lb flyer!
    All Women in Masters flight will be throwing the 21 lb implement (if masters women flight will be contested and if the 21lb weight arrives as I do not own one).
  • Both Hammers
    • All hammers are made by QC Games.
    • Men will contest  the light (16 lb – 1/2″ handle) and heavy hammer (22 lb – 3/4″ handle).
    • The 12 lb and 16 lb hammers will be contested for amateur women as this is one of the last chance to improve the NASGA mark.
      • Masters women will be contesting the 12 and 16lb hammers.
  • Sheaf: All bags are made by Jason Clevenger.
    • 10 lb for Women’s Open
    • 16 lb for Master and Lightweights
    • 20 lb for Men’s Amateur Divisions, but we can be talked into letting the 16 lb sheaf bag fly (When have I had you throw the 20lber?  ).

    Starting height will be at least 14′ and should be attainable to most throwers (remember this is a contest to find out who is the best not to get a mark for everybody – that practice needs to stop! ).  Jumps maybe 3′ until a smaller number of throwers are left; then jumps will be the normal 2′.  This will move the event along, while still entertaining the crowd.

    I am sick of low starting height for Height events.  If you can not make the starting height get stronger or practice more. DO NOT ASK FOR A LOWER HEIGHT AS THE ANSWER IS NO AND IF ASKED, THE HEIGHT MAY BE MOVED UP or the SHEAF WILL GET HEAVIER

  • WOB
    • 56 lb Weight over bar are Similar to Old Celt Weights, but are made by friend of the Games, Mr. Dave Gibbs (thank you again)
    • 42 lb Weight is a Hunter weight (Cedar Rapids Games) or a Merl Lawless weight
    • 28 lb weight will be a Hunter implement.
    • 21 lb Weight Over Bar weight will be used for All Masters women’s division.

Spinning is allowed as I have the field size to do this safely.  My opinion has not changed of this technique.

  • Cabers – PLEASE READ  Turn and no turn will be used in competition at QC games.  I will be using two (perhaps more) cabers per division:  a Scoring Qualifier and a Competition Caber.

Planned Cabers to be used

Throwing Rules

I have been known to once and a while to use non-standard or controversial equipment for some events (none this year), but the throwing rules are standard.  There is nothing exciting or all that unusual (besides the previous mentioned Caber rules).  Please go here to read the games rules.

Challenge Events

Irish Keg Toss Challenge

There will be a keg toss for height for a challenge event. I have not gotten any prizes for this yet. I may not get any either. The rules are not fully determined.  The goal of the rules is for it to be fun but not take forever to determining the winner.

Two Divisions – Men’s and Women’s.


MASTERS:  Two years ago I finished a Challenge Caber for the Masters named Big D to honor Daryl Burchett, who was a fixture on the Midwest circuit until his untimely death.   It is a Colorado Lodge Pine pole that scores out at just under 1000 points, is 17.5 tall with not much taper.  — It is a turnable caber but it will be a tough Caber.  No prizes, but if the Masters want to pull it out after their caber competition.

For the A’s and Super A’s: I have an assortment of narley cabers but think the caber known as Queen Vicki is the challenge caber that is taunting this group as it still has NOT been turned!  Queen Vicki is a lodge pole beast that weighs in at 116 pounds and is just under 18′ long with a Bradshaw scale value of 989 points.

For Women:  I have DFN Phoenix caber weighing in at just under 70#, and is 13′ 10″  scoring in at 885 with almost no taper.  This will be your challenge caber.

Special shout out to Sport Kilt for sponsoring the Special Highland Games flight


Our loyal and wonderful Athletics sponsors:

Dan Dolan Homes


Clevenger Sheaf’s and Forks



Celtic Tradition

11121 Hickman Rd,
Urbandale, IA 50322

Embroidery, Awards, Kilts and accessories, …
Good people who run Central Iowa Highland Games (an Athletic Centered Festival)

Blue Cat Brew Pub


113 Eighteenth Street • Rock Island, Illinois

Home of awesome beer and food (Martha’s home made soups are to die for).  They have Scottish Eggs on their menu year – round!!!

Scottish Terrier Beer is again brewed in honor of the games.   Dan Cleaveland, thrower, co- owner, and Brew Master is again generous to the Athletes.  Please thank him on games day.

Home of Iowa Heavy Athletics